Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Survey Report

The goal of this survey was to know the habit of the people. We want know what consumer prefer when it’s time to talk travel.

The survey was divided in two parts; generally question and travel habit. On the first question, we proposed a developing question to make a profile of the person. A part equal of men and women was answered at the survey question. The sample was composed whit a majority of students. A sample of 26 respondents are answered the survey question.

Results in generally question:
We have had 25 on 26 people who were answered on their age. So thirteen (13) have less than 20 years, eight (8) people in between twenty (20) and thirty (30) years and only four (4) people who have over than thirty (30). More than 57% of respondents are a student. Close to 60% of the respondents leaves in Canada.

Results in travel question:
The response show that have more than 65% who prefer travel in summer. They prefer travel with friends for beach trip and relaxation. More than a half who are usually travel about 15 days and 38% of the respondents spend in between 1001$ and 2000$ for a travel per years.

The traveler interest are travel in America for relaxation and beach trip and see the others knowledge, principally whit a friend by an aircraft.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Survey about Travel

Click here to answer my survey about Travel

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I was born in Montreal in January of 1972. After a few years, my family moved east to a residential area. My parents bought a house in Rivière-des-Prairies and they have lived there since then. The street passed through two fields. Today, the west part is completely built up but the part east is intact because the field belongs to Boscoville; a center for juvenile behavion problems. This field is behind my parents’ house and there is a big oak. It’s amazing. We need at least three people, hand to hand, to reach around it. We ran on the branch like biggest than the most of the other trees. This part of Montreal is very special because who woried think there is a field on Montreal island today. This tree exists and it’s see the Montreal’s building born and increase.